Climate Change And Its Impact On Wine Yards In The Year 2050

Climate change is going to have profound adverse impact on the wine yards in USA and in other countries. A 2012 study used climate information for predicting the situation of wine yards in the year 2050. With passing years more regions on earth are going to be less ideal for wine growth as rising temperatures and drought will increase throughout the globe and affect them in an adverse way. Hence we may find decreased availability of wines in the Online Liquor Store and in other wine stores in the coming years.

Wine producing regions having adverse impact

Some of the most important wine regions of the world including Bordeaux, Napa, Walla Walla, Burgundy, Douro, Rioja, Stellenbosch, Barossa and others are now slowly approaching towards hotter summers, drought and irreversible kinds of climatic changes.

Unpredictability Of Climate

Whiskey Liquor StoreTemperature is now more unpredictable than ever before. In New York, in the Finger Lakes area, there were very late frosts in spring. This had a very adverse impact on wine yards and almost all of the vine roots died. A time period of 3 years and more is required for replanting every vineyard and to produce wine again.


The US is still irrigating in most of the places. Other countries are also fully accepting the real scenario and to their pleasure have found that the grapes of wine have high resilience. In Chile, large scale dry farming is being done. Wine yards and vines are also now more able to adapt to the natural stress that the environment is creating for them.

In Portugal, the wine yards cannot be irrigated further after their initial planting, according to law. During the drier years (like 2012), the wine producers had lesser wine production rates but were capable enough to make good quality and concentrated wines.

In Australia, the wine producers are embracing the new wine grapes with are resistant to drought and include grape varieties like Mataro, Hrenache, Tempranillo etc.

In Italy’s Trentino, Cavit (the largest wine producing cooperative organization in the area) had developed a unique and data driven water mapping system. The system will monitor the water levels and will also adjust the irrigation facilities. This will ensure that each vine type and soil variety gets the right amount of irrigation throughout the Northern areas of Italy. The technique is called as PICA and improves the quality of grapes while also decreasing water consumption.

We need to act now in a climatic improving way to ensure that we get our favorite wines in the Wine Store California and in other places.

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